The Partnership Home Ownership Umbrella


 The Partnership In Homeownership Umbrella

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Referral Program

The Referral Program allows you to earn credit towards your down payment and home upgrades by simply making referrals to would-be homeowners. Each referral must be qualified with initial contact being made by the client. The referral must call Rapid Home Solutions to discuss the program in further detail. No purchase necessary.

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Credit Restoration

The Credit Restoration Program provides the services needed to resolve any derogatory credit issues preventing mortgage approval. The process also helps you to establish credit lines. Your Personal Financial Consultant will also provide healthy credit usage, management, maintenance & other methods to continue increasing your score.

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Plus Program

The Plus Program provides a path to generating a revenue stream to either subsidize, replace existing income or establish new income as a full or part time affiliate of Rapid Home Solutions’ Affiliate Program. Affiliates can earn an unlimited amount of income.

Building Hope Through Homeownership.