THE RHS MISSION. Our Mission, is to provide hope through homeownership. To inspire independence. To promote self reliant lifestyles. To nurture and mentor financial independence by creating entrepreneurial and employment opportunities. To embrace, restore and preserve functional family lifestyles through healthy & inspirationally conducive living environments & rapid homeownership solutions. To leave our planet in a better environmental condition than we found it. To create empowering home structures that improve our ecosystem and bless the lives of those that produce them and those that live in them. To proudly raise the bar and set a new standard for corporate responsibility beyond bottom-line/maximum profit ideologies. To boldly assure affordability in homeownership and to defiantly bridge the gap to credit worthiness for all income classes. To create an awakening in our community and a viral culture that inspires occupational, economical, physical, emotional and spiritual health and balance, systemically. TO COLLECTIVELY CHANGE THE WORLD WE LIVE IN AS WE KNOW IT TODAY, ONE ECO FRIENDLY ACT AT A TIME. ONE TEAM MEMBER AT A TIME. ONE HOMEOWNER AT A TIME. — Steve Diaz, President/CEO

Welcome to Rapid Home Solutions.

Rapid Home Solutions, Inc. is a new and emerging multi-regional home manufacturer engaged in providing a custom, low-cost, high-quality, affordable housing solution to moderate-to-low income families and individuals at a high-production rate in efforts to address the ever-growing domestic demand for affordable homeownership.

The Company is a registered Home Manufacturer licensed in the state of Florida under License No. MFT10412.

Our Rapid Eco-Action (REACT) Plan

We implement an Eco-friendly management model throughout our business and building methods in order to reduce energy consumption by over 50%, introducing sustainability and efficiency criteria and materials.

Our innovative patent-pending construction process produces less waste than any other home builder in our category, worldwide allowing us all to benefit from a clean company sowing seeds of Eco-action.